Call to Reserve

All Spa Reservations are 100% PRIVATE to you and your group and the whole spa is thoroughly sanitized between reservations.

The sauna bathes are kept at 140-212 degrees Fahrenheit,

creating a sterile environment for the most relaxing and detoxifying experience you've most likely every had.


one, two, & four hour private spa rentals

Tues/Wed/Thurs ONLY

Singles $50

Couples $75

One Hour


Private Facility with Attendant &

One Hour Unlimited Access to:

*The Maa (Earth) Sauna ~ Wood-Fired

     140F-212F Dry or Aroma-Steam

      With outside ICE COLD shower

*70F Cold Plunge 

*85F Outdoor Swimming Pool

*One Locker Room with Shower 

    & Rest Room 



Tuesday to Sunday

1-3 People $300
4-12 People $85 each
10th Person FREE
Limit 12

Two Hours

Three Sauna Levels

Private Facility with Attendant & Two Hours Unlimited Access to:

*The Valo Sauna ~ 140 Dry

* The Ruusu Sauna ~ 160F Dry or


*The Maa Sauna ~ 140F - 212F

    Wood-Fired - Subterranean -

     with Ice Shower 

*Indoor Cold Plunge

***55F Iced Submersion by request

*Hydro-Room w/ Mineral Salt

      Foot Bathes

*Two Locker Rooms with Shower

       & Rest Room


Tuesday - Sunday

$650 Up to 12 People

Lead Your Own
Yoga Class, Swim Class,
Cooking Class or Wellness Retreat!
Includes FULL SPA

FOUR HOUR Spa Facility Space with Kitchen, Seating, Tables, &

Big Outdoor Deck with Pool.

  - Teach Yoga (Accessories Included)

  - Teach Water Aerobics

  - Teach a Recipe or Apothecary

  - Condition your Sports Team

  - Host your Sound Bath

  - Guide your Meditation

  - Sell your Wares

  - Share your Crafts

And then finish with our signature Soak~n~Sauna Series

*Add 30 Acre Hike/Bike Trail Use before your time for FREE.

*All health practitioners must show proof of current Montana State Certifications & Insurance if applied.

*Bring your own snacks and beverages.


no glass/no alcohol