Postponed until further notice...

Join us as we say goodbye to winter and welcome the sweet days of spring!  Become fluid in slow-rocking asana, submerge in a shower of sound, & sweat your cares away ~

Guided by the

Rhythms of the Equinox


10:00 - 12:00 $35 (Vegetarian Lunch Included)  Slow & Steady Into Spring Yoga with veteran Yogi, Kris Kindberg.  Savasana Sound Shower with Reiki Master & Sound Healer, Debra Scheschy.

12:00 -  3:00 $35 (Vegetarian Lunch Included)   Soak or Sauna in your choices of dry or steam aromatherapy sauna baths or jacuzzi.  Rejuvenate your feet in a mineral saltwater dip.  Cool your hotness & boost your immunity with an invigorating ice, cold splash following every sweat!

1:00   - An optional 20 min Maa Sauna guided steam-sweat/meditation to further set your Spring intentions.

call to reserve



**Please arrive 15 minutes early to settle in to begin yoga at 10am sharp.  Thank you!

**Gate will be open at 9:00am for walking, running, or biking the trails.

 *Niacin (B3) is available by request at no charge if you choose to take your day to the next, detoxifying  level. 

Relics Retreat

4800 Grave Creek Road

Eureka, MT 59917

P: 406-882-4211


Willow  Holm, L.M.T.


MT Lic. #1364



You MUST have a gate code, verbal permission,

or paid reservation to enter

*with the exception of Open House Events

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