Chef Diane Beaumont spent the better half of her life growing up in Northwest Montana. She moved all around the country most of her twenties, working many different jobs and playing guitar in a couple of bands.


Diane graduated with a culinary management degree from Oregon Culinary Institute in Portland, Oregon in 2011. After working in a couple restaurants there she moved to Missoula and worked as a meat cutter for a small meat shop while working for a mobile catering company where she eventually became the sous chef.


Diane is passionate about feeding people and about making every dish something special. She has traveled to Spain, Vietnam and other countries to explore, drink wine and eat pho, but also to take some cooking classes. Tasting the different flavors around the world as well as experiencing other cultures are some of her favorite things.


Her favorite thing to cook lately is Vietnamese food. While visiting there a month, she was able to sample some of the best cuisine she had ever had. The layers of flavor and simplicity left her palate excited, satisfied and wanting to bring it home!


She is opening her own small kitchen in downtown Eureka, Montana soon and will be making specialty soups and sandwiches from around the world,

as well as vegan and vegetarian dishes. 

Relics Retreat

4800 Grave Creek Road

Eureka, MT 59917

P: 406-882-4211

Willow  E.H., L.M.T.


Relics Retreat, LLC

MT Lic. #1364

Arndt Klinksiek

Owner/Ten Lakes Properties, LLC

Danny Marsh

Onsite Property Manager

-Ten Lakes Properties, LLC


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