Sweat & Swim for Health
$150  2X/Week
*Bring a Buddy for $25

Includes 90 minutes of private access to our Dry or Steam Ruusu Sauna (shown here), Heated Exercise Pool, &

a private locker room

with shower.

CALL TO SIGN UP      406-882-4211
Unlimited Hike/Bike Trail Access
before or after your reservation

what is relics retreat

A unique trio of cultures that blend Germany, Finland, and the U.S.A,

Relics Retreat is a unique and true "Health Spa".  

No beauty focus here ~ just pure body, mind, and soul "C L E A N". 

By ways of sauna bath, yoga, meditation, love for all, & quiet.  

A private residence for many years turned recently into a resort for preventative health by a local Montana massage therapist, naming it "Relics" for the built-in nautical fossils.  It was recently learned that the word "Relic" is an old Gaelic word meaning "grave" still used to mark graves across countries such as Ireland.   

Ironically, Relics Retreat shares beautiful Grave Creek with its visitors.

As many things that have synchronized since opening November 2018,

it was just meant to be.

 A perfect pairing of pristine Montana air and total self-care

The Spa consists of authentic Finnish Valo, Ruusu and Maa Saunas,

seasonal outdoor exercise pool, indoor whirlpool, locker rooms,

pedi-tubs, hydro-room and plenty of

RELICS-ation stations for your rest between sauna sessions.


Reserve your PRIVATE 1-Hour, 2-Hour, or sign up for a

30-day Detox Membership today for

just you, the two of you, or your group up to 12.  

Make it a routine to PREVENT depression, heart and circulatory ailments, insomnia, and SO much more.  

The Finn's are ranked again and again as

"The Happiest People in the World"

and STILL have

THE lowest mortality rates.


S   A   U   N   A


Relics Retreat is sixteen miles from the quaint border town of Eureka, Montana and an hour away from the now-popular, once-little Stump Town of Whitefish, MT. The attractive mountain home sleeps up to eight people and has THIS Krinklehorn Mountain view from your private outdoor jacuzzi tub and spacious deck that overlooks Grave Creek.  

Bring your groceries or pair with a chef.

Got questions? Send them here!